New owner of small inground pool


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Apr 25, 2019
Nassau county
New pool owner and I’m moving the pool equipment to a less visible area. Trying to diy this. Adding a H400FDN which I was told is overkill and also added the Hayward t9 salt system and the Hayward vs Tristar 1.85 pump. I currently have the s220t sand filter. My question is do I have enough flow to correctly fire my heater? Also I have 2” suction lines(skimmer and main drain) but 1 1.5” return line. So I’ll be going from 2” pipe until I get to filter which will have to go down to 1.5”, back up to 2 for heater then back down to 1.5 for the return. This sounds crazy to me. Should I worry? Should I get 2” Hayward flow valve to cut down on all the changes?any help is appreciated. Thanks


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Jul 7, 2014
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The size of the pipe will not make enough difference to even be noticeable when in operation...

Please fill out your pool's signature so we know what our answers should be.. A T9 cell may be perfect for your pool, but your idea of small may not be what we think of as small..

You can use my pool's signature as an example.


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