New owner of old pool, overwhelmed where to start


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Jul 6, 2020
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We just bought a 1980 house that has a pool that I’m trying to learn how to manage. Previous owners used chlorine tabs and occasionally shock tabs strictly based on appearance (don’t think water was ever tested). I would like to do TFP and transition off their old way of pool maintenance but I’m at a loss at how to start a new system and what to do about the chlorine feeder.
I did get the K2006 test ordered and tested the water this morning. The water is currently clear but I backwashes the sand filter and added chlor tabs like seller told me (until I know the TFP method) and now the spa part is cloudy. I have a pool guy coming to help me get Polaris up and running and will have him educate me on some things I find confusing, but I know he is not the one to help with TFP tips.
I think I did all tests correctly, but there was definitely room for error as I am learning.
pH 8
FC 2.2ppm
Combined chlorine did not appear present
70ppm cya
70ppm CH

I think cya is too high right off the bat, but I don’t know how that gets too high if all that has been used before is the chlorine tabs and shock tabs. Where do I start if I want to convert this pool to TFP? Thank you! (I have read all of pool school, but am a visual learner)


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Aug 22, 2017
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The CYA comes from the chlorine tabs and the shock tabs. At that level of CYA you need to stop using those, and switch to liquid chlorine. Also when you do your testing for FC use a 10ml sample and once scoop of powder then divide the number of drops by 2. It will save you on reagents and it is close enough.

How did you get 70 for CH? It is usually in increments of 25. Also refer to the FC/CYA chart and get your FC up right away or you will get algae if you dont already.

Some of the real experts will chime in soon, but if your water is getting cloudy you might have to SLAM.


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Jan 17, 2012
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I'd like to welcome you, and you're already ahead of the game cause you got the good test kit. :goodjob:

Lets start by reading some basics-
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
FC/CYA Chart

Holler back with questions ;)

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Your chem numbers are not too bad actually, Is the 130ppm your alkalinity? Do you get a lot of rain in your part of Mississippi? If so you will be able to dilute down the CYA without draining, but for now switch to liquid chlorine as Kato recommends. The tabs are almost half CYA.. Anyway, check back in after you have your meeting with the pool guy and post any questions you have about your hardware. we are here to help.
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