New owner builder plans. Need help with equipment options!


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Jun 30, 2018
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We are soooo new to this process and could use some help choosing what equipment we need! Our pool will have a 7' spa, slide and 3 deck jets. It is about a 40' long, 20 wide free-form. Our pool designer says we should get one variable-speed pump. Our rebar and plumbing guy says we should do 3 pumps. Any thoughts and info you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


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Jan 17, 2012
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For your main pool filtration and circulation system you *definitely* want a VSP. In fact, all new pools of a certain size (probably big ones like yours) will be required to have VSP in the coming years (2020, I believe?) because of their enormous energy saving features. So yup, go ahead and check that off your list!

Some folks manage to use their regular pump (that VSP mentioned above) to manage their spa also. Its a matter of how things are plumbed and valved.
Others use a dedicated pump.

Slides need to have a small amount of water running down the slide to allow for smooth movement of the person. I wouldn't have a designated pump for this feature, I'd have a line off my main pump with a valve I could turn on and off.

Maddie :flower: has a mess of helpful guides you might check out -->Jandy Valve Plumbing Schematics -

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Jun 7, 2017
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That is a large pool and a lot to run on 1 pump. It can be done however if designed well. I have 2 waterfalls and no spa and run my pool with a single VS pump. I would go with the pool designer's opinion but it wouldn't hurt to rough plumb in a spot for a 2nd pump in case you find you want one.