New O/B Pool build in AZ


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Apr 15, 2014
Hello all,

Hopefully everyone is well. I am building a new pool and just received my first initial design and wanted to see if any of the many pool experts here can look it over and see if there is anything out of the ordinary or that needs to be added in terms of lights, returns, skimmers etc.? Also any hidden details on an O/B pool that I might miss. The below are the specs.

8'-9' deep diving pool
Wall in back corner will be a seating/jumping platform the is 4' tall by 8' wide with a rainfall sheer.
SR. Smith turbo twister slide with dedicated return.
Salt water generator
Automatic acid dispenser
Fully automated Pentair VS system
Robot cleaning




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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
LOVE it!!! Like Roberta said............something for everyone!!!

Now lets talk about some of the wonderful features you have.
-bubblers=too many I would only have 3 spaced out. That will allow you to sit on the shelf and run the bubblers at the same time. Will you get the the ones that light up?
-Deck Jets=are you sure? Especially the ones on the shelf. You will already have the bubblers there so don't really need the deck jet. They are more of a party toy than anything and most of them end up not being used very often.
-Sheer on the wall-did you know you can get lighted ones? That would be a great place for a light.
-lights-I would remove the middle one on the shelf and get the lighted sheer.
-returns-I would add one by the slide where the patio steps are. That will help move stuff to the other returns to help push stuff to the skimmer

That is really just little stuff that I have picked up from helping design a pool or 500 LOL

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Apr 15, 2014
Thanks Kimkats!
All good recommendations, definitely going to get the lighted sheer and bubblers.
The deck jets will be outside the pool on the deck. That was a wife thing I did not even want them lol!
I will add another return.

I really appreciate the recommendations!

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