New numbers here....

Ok, I'm still a novice, this is my third opening.... Opened last weekend, it was a green swamp. :evil: I've brushed every day, vacuumed to waste, shocked, and it's blue but cloudy. Here are my numbers...(Taylor Test Kit2005).any advice appreciated.

Temp.freezin cold !


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Pool Girl,

That pool will warm up some today. Pretty country up in Mt. Airy.

I think your water is about to clear up. Keeping your FC that high or even higher (say maybe 25ppm) untill your water is sparkling is what I would suggest. If your blue but cloudy, I think you've only got another day or so before it's clear.

Of course, run your pump 24/7 and brush as aften as you have time.

When it's clear, you'll need to keep FC around 6-10ppm because your CYA is so high but it sounds like you already know that.