New Northeastern Pa Build


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Jun 20, 2016
still. . . rocking and rolling. . . last load of rock tomorrow. i have literally 30 square feet of pool area left! holy cow! then just my garden and i am done! well speakers and lighting.

I'm having landscape lighting issues. we know we want path lighting for the path to be puddles. but we want path lights that spread for around pool. kitchener can't tell me which models do that. they said it depends on the style of hat. so i said ok which hats give u those spreads. nothing. they don't know. all i know is the 2 samples i have do each of what we want but i really don't like the one style. so what i'm trying to go is buy 1 copy of any light i can get my hands on that can be returned. hook em up see what they look like in the dark and then mass order. problem is the place i buy from didn't do an order this year cause of. . . surprise suprise. . . so they are seeing what they have in stock that can be returned. i'm sure its the most expensive odd ball ones from last year. lol
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Jun 20, 2016
Figured I would post some pics of this seasons growth. Everything is exposing here. I’m still pleased with how it all turned out. I still can’t get over how much my father and myself did last spring into summer.


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