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Jul 9, 2019
Houston, TX
Hey All...
New member here.
Moved to Houston, TX about one year ago, and the home we purchased has a pool.
It's a 10K gal,, IG plaster pool. We have a spa (and a broken heater), with a waterfall into the pool. Polaris 360, cartridge filter, floating chlorinator, etc...

When we first moved in, we had ZERO pool knowledge, and have learned a ton over the past year and are still learning. We hired a pool guy for the first month, but then took things over ourselves.

Had a leak detection test, caped off some old broken water features, made a plaster repair around the skimmer throat, discovered that our filter was plumbed backwards - fixed that, replaced a broken valve actuator, etc

Currently learning more about water chemistry, and decided to join here for the PoolMath, and to get help with any questions.