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So we are opening theour pool for the first time since our house came with a pool. I ordered the tf-100 and we also inherited a bunch of other test stuff from the prior owners. We had a pool store come out and the technicians got the pump working so now we are about to slam it. I have the pool math app so I am using that. I just may need some help as we go.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Does it help if I know what model pool we have when asking questions?
What we like to know is how big (gallons) and what it's made out of. Plaster (and the fancier pebble finishes) are more sensitive to Calcium levels. We also like to know what type of filter you have - sand, DE, cartridge?

It's laid out in detail in the rather harshly worded Read This BEFORE You Post - Trouble Free Pool