New member - trying to make final decisions before signing the contract!


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Feb 3, 2019
I joined this forum a few months ago and have stealthily learned so much! My family has wanted a pool for a long time. We moved last summer but unfortunately we could not find the right home that also had a pool. My 10-year-old son was quite disappointed by that. We love where we live and plan to be here a long time, and I have been steadily moving forward for 6 months to prepare the place for a pool installation. I've cleared trees and leveled part of the mountainside on our 1-acre lot to make it all possible. Now we are finally able to envision the actual installation... sort of! We are really leaning toward fiberglass because we love the molded-in steps and seats. We also like the overall look and feel. We just can't settle on a design! We love our installer and he comes with the highest recommendations, but of course he can't make the decision for us. Glad we found this place - such a wealth of information and positive people!