New member, switching to SW and need help


May 26, 2020
Miami, FL
Hi All,

I’m a new member and pool owner in South Florida. I recently purchased a house with a 17k gallon chlorine pool. I have 2 kids that spend a lot of time in the pool, especially now with them being home 24/7. My wife and I decided that we want to transition to a saltwater system so I ordered a SWG and test kit from Tftestkits so I can start preparing the pool. My current equipment plumbing is old, and many of the valves have broken handles and are no longer made and there is no room for the SWG anyways so I ‘m going to take this opportunity to re-plum. I’m posting what I’ve come up with so far and am open to suggestion from other members.

My thought process with using true union ball valves instead of diverters is I want to control each aspect of the system individually and be able to fix any failures without having to cut the plumbing. I plan on using unions wherever there is a piece of equipment so I could service or replace it easily.

New Equipment layout.jpg

Also, any advice on the switching process is appreciated too.
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Jun 16, 2019
Your setup looks well planned to me but I'm a bit of a novice on other people's equipment. The pros will be around at some point.

As far as the water conversion goes, its pretty simple. Get all your #s where they need to be, add salt (usually 3/4 or so of reccomended amount and retest/add from there), use liquid chloine to get your desired FC level and fire up the SWG to maintain that level.
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