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Apr 19, 2017
Hillsborough New Jersey
This could get longwinded, might be amusing if you invest the time. I'm stupid, haven't always been, just realized this fact after finding TFP and joining, Took care of our pool when I was a kid for years, under my dads watchful eye. Forward 50 years to now and I know I learned nothing in all that time. Pop used to say "KISS" for all you military folk, you know that means "keep it simple stupid". Have had my IGP for 18 yrs and have been following the advice of the local pool company. Mostly its been clean, and swimmable and friends and family love the setup I have created over the years. Pool owning here in New Jersey, oh yeah, the armpit state is referenced to the shape and smell of NJ, is short seasoned but worth the effort.

My AHH HAA moment came recently when I was trying to solve a long standing algae problem, and started searching forums. Now I am not a dimwit, albeit I should have been googling the web four years ago when I started having issues killing the green slime of sin that was embarrassing me when we had company. I drank the koolaid that the pool store boys were selling and bought hundreds of dollars of chemicals that just kept screwing up my pools balance, and keeping me up at night. Now over these years I never asked about how the pool was closed, or if there was things I needed to do to maintain it better, I went on faith. Huge mistake. Here is the moment, a young lad, 16 or 17 was helping me pick up some rubber gaskets I needed and I mentioned my long standing battle with algae. He asked, "well what do your grids look like when you take them out?" You mean I have to take out my grids? That was when I realized I needed a better education than I had to maintain and keep clean my pool. It also gives me faith in todays youth, not all of them play Call of Duty for hours on end. Anyway, I have new grids and learned on the web the easiest way to take them out, clean them and my filter tank, and put them back in. Its quite possible since they were 18 yrs old they were not in the best shape, not to mention the 60lbs of DE that was at the bottom of my filter when I tried to remove the grids they were stuck in there solid as cement. So much for how the pool closing company takes care of business.

So, that's how I ended up here. My wife is lonely because I have been reading posts, and how to's on this site for hours, days now to catch up to where, after so many years of pool ownership, I should be. SO thanks TFP, moderators, members, etc. I hope a little of this made you smile, or made you go take out your grids!!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all armpit pool owner questions... :snorkle:

The real key is not how much algae your filter captures or how often you clean your grids..

The real key is preventing algae from ever starting in the first place, by testing your own pool water and only adding just what your pool needs to stay crystal clear.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Sep 22, 2015
Bixby, Ok
Welcome to TFP!! Your post made me smile and feel sad for you at the same time, but you are HERE now. That's really all that matters! If you don't have one yet, time to get yourself a good test kit- the TF-100 is the most popular and highly recommended as it has all the tests we use with a large supply of the reagents we use most. Read and REREAD the ABCs and all the Pool School articles. You'll get the hang of making your water TFP sparkalicious in no time!!! It's all blue sky's and clear water from here!!

If you have any questions, there's lots of experts here to help you!
Blessings! Denise