New Member/New Pool need advice on what Pool system i should choose

May 15, 2018
Pound Ridge/NY
i am a new forum member. in the next month my pool contractor till be completing our 20x40 inground concrete pool with a pebbletec sheen finish.

i started this project wanting a salt water pool. having had discussions with the pool contractor recently, he is suggesting (not forcing me) to get a mineral ionizer system instead of a salt water system. the systems he would install/suggest are the following:

salt water: Autopilot by aquacal
mineral ionizer: Nature 2 and The frog (he indicated he'd install any ionizer system i wanted.

i plan to service the pool myself (if not initially, as soon as i get the hang of it). the contractor will show me what to do.

he's arguments for ionizer are the following:

the salt system is $2600, the ionizer $900 (per his quotes).

the ionizer is easier to run/maintain, is cheaper also to run.

any thoughts by anyone with experience would be greatly appreciated.

thank you



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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
In a nutshell, we do NOT recommend an ionizer OR the Nature 2 Frog. You might wanna check the price of that salt system online and maybe install yourself. Welcome to the forum.


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Aug 18, 2009
Central PA
Our pool started out with a Nature 2, but then I found this forum and got schooled. I installed a SWG and never looked back. Much less expensive to run and much less work (usually).