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Aug 19, 2020
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Recently purchased a 2 year old home with a saltwater pool. Previous owners prepaid pool service is expiring so I've began browsing the net while lookin to get educated on the care, maintenance, DIY repairs and what to expect pay when a pool company is called out for weekly service or repairs. Landed on this wonderful site and been browsing but I need to, and will be spending time reading and soaking up this shared knowledge. My current questions and info seeking will be concerning pool lighting, specifically problems with Pentair ColorCascade LED Pool Jets (Bubblers } and
Pentair 601002 IntelliBrite Color underwater LED pool light with LED Board 619818Z.
All 6 of these lights have failed within the past 6 months, ColorCascade bubbler led's have faint light (jets work) and appears to have water in them. I cannot find how to remove these and have called Pentair who have said they are obsolete and no longer available and no direct replacements. They gave me the part numbers of 590046 and 590048 but not how to remove them. Their suggestions were to purchase the Pentair ColorVision product which is their updated version but would require removing the 3 can niches and replacing with ColorVison Niches. Of course that would require demo, fitting a new niche and trying to refinish and match the existing pebbletec finish. I mentioned to the Pentair phone rep that the pool guy told me the ColorCascade LED Pool Jets were obsolete because it was widely known to be a problem product. Rep said they were unaware of any known issues and it was only obsolete because it was upgraded to the ColorVision although not as a direct replacement.
The 3 Pentair Intellibrite Pool wall lights also failed and they recommend new fixtures but also offer a $500 replacement engine board for each light.
What to do?
This pool guy says the 3 Intellibrites fixtures will run me over $3000 while board replacements will be appx $2000 but doesn't guarantee the boards will fix all.
Replacing the ColorCascade LED Bubbler jets with ColorVision will also be in the $3000 range depending on the demo, new Niche and refinish coating.
$6000 for 6 lights??? Is this the norm?
Thanks in advance for any assistance and glad to be part of this group!


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Aug 10, 2017
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I deal with Hayward so not much help. That's the problem with these proprietary brands, they cost a fortune and they honestly dont have a good track record. I see about a 30 to 40 percent failure in the first year or two. You can switch to any brand for the nicheless lights if you have standard 1.5" return style fitting mounts. Theres a ton of knockoff amd cheaper brands out there. As to the bubblers your kind of SOL on those. If you can source new boards you could try DIY repair if they are worth it to you to get working.
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