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Jul 9, 2010
Greetings from sunny south west Florida. I don't have a pool. But Dad in law does. He is nearing the big 80 and taking care of the pool is becoming a daunting task for him. Also The local pool store has been digging deeper into his pocket. I became interested in helping him and Mom take care of the pool 20,000 gallon cement.
I discovered the BBB method and introduced it to Dad. Being convinced that nothing works other then the products from the pool store was a challenge. We started with a very green pool two weeks ago. Today it is clear and the grand kids are having fun. I also built a device hooked to one of the jets and added a fire hose end to it. The pool has plenty of air and it helps to keep the water cool. Today it is 78 degrees. With out it the pool would be near 93 degrees.
Thanks to all for this very good site. :goodjob:


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
Hey, Blastman,

Welcome to the forum. :lol: If you have time, we'd love to see a pic of your sprayer.

Convincing someone to try what we teach here is not easy.....Nice Work!! :cheers:


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Jul 9, 2010
I will take a snap tomorrow or Sat. and post it. It is very crude and has no glue. However, a child guest pulled it off the fitting two days ago and the pool temp jumped nearly 5 degrees within 12 hours. I am planing on a way to make it more attractive and stable.
The best part, Dad in law is starting to see a clear pool and giving me a little room to do stuff. He is a very proud and hard headed man. And wants to be in charge. My joy is making him think it is his idea to get a great pool.

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