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Feb 18, 2020
Adrian, MO
New member and am excited to learn from experienced owners and pool experts. I’ve owned 2 intex pools the past 2 years and this will be the first year putting my 8000 gallon, 18’x52” round pool back up. Has a 12 inch Intex sand filter pump that seemed to work well last summer. Purchasing a new solar cover, any suggestions would be appreciated, to connect to solar cover reel purchased late fall. (FYI: previous year was just a 12’x30” Intex metal frame to get the basics down and I learned a lot). I’m 41, Have back pain and getting in the pool is such a great way for both relief and great exercise. Since we’re less than 2 weeks from March, I’m ready to get started on when and how to put the pool back up and look forward to any comments. I’ve been doing everything on my own and do enjoy maintaining my pool but I want to get the pool back up and begin swimming as soon as possible.
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