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Nov 11, 2019
Hello and thank you for such a wonderful resource! I will be spending a lot of time here. :)) I am a transplant to Tx and just bought a house w a SWG pool and spa. I am new (and nervous!) to pool care and just took my first readings with the pool kit recommended here. My FC read 11.5, CC is .5 and CYA is 60. I am planning on raising the CYA but is the FC reading ok? I am thinking that its ok to have higher (but not too high) rather than super low. If this belongs in a different thread please let me know.

Thank you and happy to be here!!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: The FC may be a bit elevated for a typical (normal) day, but not a danger and well under a TFP SLAM level according to our FC/CYA Chart. When you get a moment, it would help to see all your pool and equipment info in the signature. Also include which test kit you are using now.

Tell us a little more, and perhaps include all of your test results so we can help coach you through any other question you may have. Welcome.
PS- I edited my post because I saw after posting you do have a SWG. :hammer:

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Thank you! Yes a SWG, will put all the info in my signature!
Ha ha. Yes, I had a senior moment. :hammer: You're fine. By the way, we're seeing some of those crazy low temps tomorrow. You may as well. If your water gets too cold, say below 60 or so, the SWG may stop working. At that time you treat your pool as a non-salt pool on the FC/CYA Chart. Just make sure to keep some liquid pool chlorine (aka regular bleach) nearby if that happens over the winter. I get my chlorine from Home Depot (10%), but if you go to a grocery store for regular bleach, make sure it's plain, nothing splashless or scented and no Clorox brands.


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Note that pH tests are inaccurate with FC above 10. So don’t make any pH adjustments until your FC drops. For that reason keeping FC that high is not recommended for normal operation.

Turn down your SWG % and let your FC drift down around 7.