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Mar 25, 2021
Hello all. Need to start by saying thank you for all the info on this forum including the pool math app. We had our pool done 2 years ago and I have had a pool guy maintain the chemicals until last month. He went MIA so I am my new pool guy thanks to this forum. Had an algae (green) breakout 3 weeks ago which resulted in me taking the water to be tested. No chlorine! Pool guy never responded so I ordered the Taylor 2006 kit and checked everything else. CYA over 100. CH 880. PH greater than 8. FC 0. Cant remember the TA but I think that was the only thing that was in range. I drained the pool and started new. Brought the CYA to 50, TA 80, CH 450, PH 7.6. Maintaining FC at 6 as per pool math. Combined Chlorine appears to be zero. The pool has never looked better! My next upgrade is a SWG so I will head to that forum to do some research!

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