New member from AZ with CYA high


Jul 22, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
I am a pool owner for 5 years. It is not easy to get all chemistry right, so I used two companies to maintain my pool. However, they just came once a week for a very short time, and I feel I still need to do work myself. After seeing algae growth last month, I stopped the service of the 2nd company and started to maintain myself. My experience was just to make chlorine and pH right. However, I mistakenly shocked my pool using dichlor. Then it became clear, but suddenly algae grew back since last Sunday. I am glad I found this site and realized my mistake. I have partially drained my pool to lower CYA to ~ 80, then SLAMing it with bleach. The water is blue now, and I am glad to see from here that it is safe to swim even with 30 ppm of FC. (I am not sure if my kids swam or not today). I have purchased my TFTestKits, and will do the overnight loss and CC test


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
Yup, that’s the vicious circle pool owners deal with when having a pool service company.
Once you have your test kit, post up a full set of results. :cheers: