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Jun 4, 2019
North Florida
Hi, I am from North Florida, where the current temps are in the upper 90’s right now. So glad we have a pool! My husband and I just recently took down an 8 year old 24’ round Intex pool, and replaced with a 24’ round hybrid resin/steel above ground pool. I was going to go with a saltwater system; however changed my mind, and went with the Frog Leap Mineral system.
My husband has always taken care of the pool in the past, and he just made sure he kept it clear. He never really checked to be sure the water was balanced. Because I am at home now, if it’s easier for me to do the pool maintenance. I am trying to learn, to be sure I’m doing it correctly. We’ve had the pool up for 3 weeks so far. Just going by the frog test strips, and talking to our local pool store, I added the following in addition to the Mineral and chlorine PAC:

1. Muriatic acid to help balance. ( The alkalinity was very high and pH was high)
2. I’ve added shock weekly.
3. Stabilizer, because of low chlorine and redicoulous heat.
4. Liquid solar blanket

The only thing I noticed this week, is a little bit of algae developing on the bottom of the pool. I took a sample of water to a pool store the next town over because they had better testing equipment, and they told me to add entire bottle of Algeaban ll. Everything else looked good, water was balanced. Chlorine was a bit low at 0.3; whereas it should be at 0.5 according to Frogleap system. I added a floating chlorine tab dispenser set on lowest setting. Not sure if that was wise or not. There was still chlorine in the Frog system, so not sure why the low reading. Maybe I need to dial it up more. Not very familiar with the system. Also I am using a liquid solar blanket.

I just started reading some past discussions in regard to the Frogleap system. I see many folks are not fans. Because, I’ve already invested the money in this mineral system, I’m hoping there are some success stories.

I just want to be able to take care of the pool the easiest way possible, and welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance ,

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: You are correct in that the Frog system has its pitfalls due to introducing copper to the water. Once the level gets too high, you have staining issues and potential hair/nail color problems. The best sanitiation for residential pools is chlorine - either from liquid chlorine (aka regaular bleach) or via that produced from a salt water generator. You simply cannot beat chlorine.

Testing is paramount. We recommend a TF-100 (link below) or Taylor K-2006C test kit. See Test Kits Compared. Those pool store products are junk, expensive, and will not remove your algae. To kill/remove algae, you need to perform a SLAM Process and you need one of those kits to test the FC level as required.

Caring for your pool and water is not difficult, you just need the right tool (test kit) and some basic knowledge. That's what we're here for. Start with our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and read/save those Vital Links below in my signature. We'll help you.


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Jun 4, 2019
North Florida
Thanks for your reply Texas Splash. I am taking your advice and ordering a test kit. I saw the 2006c had larger bottles. Because I’m just testing our pool, will the Taylor K-2006 be adequate?


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Jun 11, 2018
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I would get the larger one. Starting out and learning to balance, you will burn through the smaller version. Pool size doesn't matter really...sample size, daily/weekly testing needed is the same.
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