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Jun 28, 2019
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Hello everyone.

I have been lurking since our pool went in on May 23rd. Great site and I can't thank everyone for all the knowledge they bring. This sight is truly great.

I got my Taylor K-2006C a few days ago. On 8/5 my readings were 4.4 FC, 8.0 PH, 130 ALK, CYA 75 and CH 200. I then added 46oz. muriatic acid to bring down my PH as stated in the Taylor manual.

Now (8/8) I'm at 4.0 FC, 7.2 PH, 130 ALK, CYA 80 and 200 CH. If I add more muriatic acid (Taylor sheet recommends 3.2 qts to bring down ALK), won't that drop my PH to levels below tolerance? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


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May 3, 2014
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Your pH is as low as you should go. TA is no big deal. It will drop when you lower pH in the future when it gets to 8.