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Apr 19, 2021
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This liner was just installed in May. PB said they would take pictures and send to liner mfg to see if it was made correctly. I followed up with liner mfg and they claim the liner was made correctly, (square corners) and PB didn't install correctly (should have used more vacuums, kept vacuums on longer and used bead lock in corners).

Liner mfg says the liner needs to be reset by draining the pool and resetting.

The problem is that know one wants to touch a liner (NJ) if they didn't install it due to liability.

Obvious question is why doesn't the PB reset the liner: Answer, I should have picked a better PB - chalk that up to a life lesson.


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Jun 25, 2020
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i would get some flexible liner lock (enough to span the entire corner from where the liner is in the track already), lower my water level a bit, pour hot water on that corner then push the liner lock in where the liner is on the track, take a hammer and tap the liner lock in toward the separation, it will pull the liner into the track. Of course if the liner is truly installed wrong it probably won't hold, but worth a try.


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Apr 19, 2021
Central NJ
Thank you Jim Jam. I've never heard of flexible liner lock but will look it up.

I actually had a top 3 liner manufacturers rep stop by today and he told me that I (he) could glue a black vinyl extention onto the existing liner once the shallow end is drained and the liner is pulled up a bit. He confirmed that the liner was made for a square corner.

They suggested I do this next June once we get back in the 80's............
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