New liner installed tomorrow - Preparation Questions (draining, sand, rust, etc.)


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Jun 21, 2019
Louisville KY
Hi, the installer is coming tomorrow at 8 AM to replace our 27 ft round AGP liner. Pool is 15 yrs old, Aqua Leader Optimum Escape. I have a few questions:

1) When should I drain the pool? There is about 20 in. of water in there right now. The installer told me to drain it the night before. Is that safe to do? I would be draining it slowly using my pool cover pump, as that's all I have. I"m scared to do that for some reason due to wall caving fear.
2) What should I look out for tomorrow during the install? When I asked about rust, he installer said he would remove any rust, if present, and spray the wall area with Rustoleum for protection.
I will also will have 6 (?) bags of sand present in case more leveling is needed on the floor. (He said to get 4 bags or so.) The floor seems fine, but has some dips and is uneven in some small areas. Old liner is original I think.
3) The weather should be good, partly cloudy, 70 F, with 8% chance of storms. I'm assuming this less than 10% chance if rain is not a risk (?)
4) When can the installer 'leave' - I'm assuming that once there is some amount of water in the pool to where there aren't wrinkles on the bottom, they leave. But what about the potential for wrinkling after that?
5) I'm assuming that I want to get the pool filled ASAP and the pump/filter hooked up to check for leaks.

Thank you so much in advance! I inherited this pool last year and am a nervous learner soaking up as much info as I can.


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Jun 19, 2020
NE Ohio
I wouldn't worry about the pool walls caving in unless it is back filled really high.
The installer will just put the liner up and start to fill it so they can get any wrinkles out before the pool has too much water - Then they will leave. The wrinkles on the side work their way out once it is filled. Nothing should leak unless the skimmer and return are botched during install. Nothing to worry about though it is straight forward.

If you have the liner you could take it out of the box and let it sit in the sun so it's more plyable before they come. If it's a unibead liner it is really easy to install because its made to fit.