New Liner-Crappy Water...Trying to start SWG but cant get test levels right


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Aug 11, 2020
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I recently filled my 17 ft AG 6414 gal Summer Escape pool that I overlapped with a Doughboy 18ft liner. It went green before I could get the chemicals right to add the salt. So I used 2 bottles 128 oz liquid shock to clear. Chlorine tablets, Baking Soda to adjust the alkalinity. Ph minus to adj Ph. I just added approx. 1.5 lbs CYA 2 days ago (none of which was done at the same time). After using a full granular 4&1 shock as the chlorine is being consumed by the levels being off. Todays Levels are zero CH, 7.4 ph, 60 Alkalinity, 90 Hardness, and im waiting on CYA reagent from amazon so no numbers there. I have yet to add the salt so the chlorine tablet dispenser and shock would be the only source of Sanitizer at the moment. Also, I'm in Southern Illinois where the rain was dumped on us all at once yesterday & I know my water is crappy they are working to replace our lines as we speak so we see rust coming out when I first turn on my faucets and shower some days. Pool clear with maybe a touch of cloudiness and a little grey powder sediment from shock that need will be vacuumed tomorrow.
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How are you testing your water? WHich test kit do you use??

You need to up the Free Chlorine by using LIQUID CHLORINE, not granular or puck products. They take too long and you lose track of how many you've used- each puck adds almost as much CYA as it does Free Chlorine (FC) and if that builds up, you've got problems.

LIquid Shock from Walmart- Pool Essentials 10% is good. Also liquid chlorine from Lowes and Home Depot as long as its fresh (per date code) and not stored out in the hot garden section. Or plain unscented non-Clorox brand bleach from the market.

Vinyl pools don't need calcium.

I would add 1/2 gallon a day tomorrow and the next and run the pump and see if that clears your water up. If not we're looking at a full fledged SLAM process--.> SLAM Process

Have you read this yet--> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry