New liner after 5 years non-use

Morning, had a new vinyl pool liner placed after about 5 years of just having pool covered, and also had sand replaced in filter. Water finally filled pool to skimmer 2 days ago(Wednesday) and turned on pump and "mud" came out of jets for about 20-30 seconds. I used enough cya to raise it to 40 per pool calculator. (Did it the wrong way and placed it directly in skimmer, read about that part too late!)added 2.5 gallons 10% liquid chlorine & next morning(Thursday) Fc =10.5, cc0.5, ph 7.8, added about 1 gallon chlorine, rechecked this morning (Friday) fc 17, cc0.5, ph 8.0, ta 190. Pump has been running 24/7 since. Pool is pretty clear, I can see bottom of deep end, but what appears to be sand is at bottom and I brush pool it becomes cloudy again. Do I just need to brush more? Do not have robot or automatic cleaner yet. Any help is appreciated.