New Intex 18 - 48 metal frame pool and swg


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Jul 29, 2010
Hello, We just bought the Intex pool (still in the box) and are getting an Intex SWG today. I have a couple of questions: How much does it cost to run the SWG (eletric bill)? Adn since we live in Minnesota and are planning to drain and put away teh pool for the winter, what do we do with the water we drain? Can it go on the grass or will it damage out lawn?
Thank you!


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Jul 9, 2010
Bixby oklahoma
hello draupnyr

congrats on your pool, Im hoping to upgrade from an easy set to a metal frame soon.

you shouldnt have to run the SWG but for just a few hours, I would think the impact would be minimal. Depending on the salt content it could burn your grass. If you wait until it goes dormant, assuming its not a cool season grass, the winter snow melt, or rain should wash the salts out enough to not harm it come spring. I know when I drained mine in the past it would have an effect on my bermuda.
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