New Inground Pool Wall Construction Advise


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Aug 21, 2007
Hello all,
I am looking at getting IG pool installed next spring. I have gotten 3 bids now and all the contractors use different equipment for the structural part of the pool. I live in Minnesota so the winters can be brutal. I am looking at 20 x 40 rectangle diving pool with an automatic cover.

I have heard pros and cons from all the contractors about fiberglass walls vs. galvanized, I was planning on going with galvanized. My main concern is the bracing, is it something to be concerned about. Two of the contractors use 6” concrete piers (or sonic tubes) to hold up the decking. Another one says to stay away from them and use Fox X bracing. Who do I believe?


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

Construction people like to go with what they are familiar with. By far the most likely possibility is that both approaches will work just fine.

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