New Indoor Pool - Owner Builder - With Pics!


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May 14, 2020
Lake Almanor
My wife and I (along with the help of some great friends) are doing an owner-builder house build up in the mountains as a vacation home. It's a huge project, but extremely exciting! Would love input pumps/filtration/heaters and some other general questions! It's a slow build as we own a couple businesses so pretty much can only make progress two days a week... but we are not in a huge rush!

~~Project Overview~~
-The pool will be located in the daylight basement of the house.
-The pool room is not huge by any means, but the best options with the limitations of the lot, engineering, posts, spans, etc.
-Fiberglass Viking "Malibu" Pool/Spa combo (Ordered and ready to be delivered when ready).
-Dehumidification system almost decided on.
-Full pirate themed room, close to the Pirates of The Caribbean Ride (We are partners in business with a company that does a lot of the mechatronics for the large theme parks)
-Rico Rock waterfall and boulders on backside pool (Ordered, should be here in a few weeks)
-LED starlight ceiling (Almost have complete plan on how to seal the hundreds of punctures in the vapor barrier)

We just about finished excavating out the hole for the main house pad, hoping to start the footing dig in the coming weeks. Should set the pool shell in early July.


How does our rough equipment list look?
Control: IntelliCenter i10PSIC40 (salt)
Pump: IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump VS+SVRS
Filter: I'm not sure what to do here as there won't be the usual amount of dust, dirt, etc. being an indoor pool. Any suggestions?
Heater: Is there a way to have both a heat pump and propane heat (other than the Pentair Hybrid system) we would need propane in the winter, but would like the savings of heat pump in the spring-summer-fall? Since the room is going to be heated and in air temperature of 82* range at all times, and a smaller body of water, I would think that a huge 250-400k heater would not be needed? Again with being indoor there is a much less information out there!


Pool Room.png
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Jul 10, 2012
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This is going to be a neat one to watch. Pools in vacation homes NEED the SWG. I am glad to see you have planned to do one.

Filter- I would get a cartridge filter as you can use a wagon or such to put it on and pull it outside to clean. Get as big as you can fit in the area for less cleaning. Make sure there is a drain hole or such for WHEN water spills from working on the equipment.

That is a very large shelf. What are your thoughts on it? If you make your steps bigger and have less shelf you would have a real swim lane. As it is you do not have much a swim lane.

How deep is this pool going to be?



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May 14, 2020
Lake Almanor
Yep it doesn't have the largest swimming area, it was the best fiberglass option for dealing with the limit on depth of the pool in relation to the required untouched 45* angle from the house footings and post footings. The ledge should make for good in-pool movie watching though!