New In-Ground Pool Starts Monday


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May 7, 2020
Dallas, TX
Good Morning,

I am a newbie here and this is my first post. I have read through some of the posts already and found a lot of great information so far! Especially on what I need to make sure is covered. Anyways, my wife and I are excited for them to start on Monday. So far, this is what we know:

1. This will be a salt water in ground concrete pool
2. Jandy system with wireless access
3. Jandy propane pool heater (separate controls for pool and hot tub). We wanted the fast heat time of gas.
4. Blue Square in-floor pool cleaning
5. 2 LED lights in pool and 1 in hot tub
6. Waterfall feature on one side
7. Waterfall feature built into hot tub (not a spillover to conserve heat)
8. Bench under hot tub so the waterfall can hit your neck and back for hydro therapy
9. Activity pool so both sides will start out at 3.5 feet and center will be 5 feet. This way my wife can walk and I can do laps
10. Tanning deck at top of left arch left side and steps under other arch
11. mini fountain built into tanning deck
12. Steps are maximum 9 inches (read that here)
13. minimum of 8 foot pool deck stamped, stained and sealed
14. The render is not accurate for the waterfall feature. It will be bigger with landscaping. It will also be a little bit more rounded as well.

I will add the particular equipment info once I receive that. We just approved the drawing last night so the in-floor pool cleaner company can do their design.

If you have any other recommendations or questions, please let me know!!! You only get once chance to do this right haha.

I have uploaded the pics I have so far of the design and measurements.

Thanks for any feedback!!!