New in ground pool after construction questions.


Jun 16, 2022
Crystal lake, IL
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We recently just finish our in ground pool built. We waited two year because we want a reputable company that did it for generations. We pick a company that was highly recommended and it is 3rd generation pool builder. We have run in to few challenges while process was going on but it’s all finish and ready now. Over all we are pretty happy but I do have few questions that maybe it’s just me and it’s just normal.

I have been noticing that under our liner there are some small bumps, almost feels like small rocks. I have told pool company and that told me just to ouch on them gently and that should go away. Is that normal?

I also notice that there are some dents in the floor here and there.

Looks like around one of the drains floor main drain floor is waved.

Also you notice all this more with light on or when diving and looking for those.

Is this kind a thing normal inner in ground pool? Am I being little unreasonable ?

Thank you.


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Jun 2, 2020
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I have a vinyl lined pool. They poured a soft concrete floor called vermiculite. It will get dents in it in the shallow end from kids jumping around. None of the dents have been bad though. You can feel them with your feet during the day and see them at night with the pool light on. I've had my pool a year and it's normal.

There are a few bumps that feel like rocks so that seems normal too.

I do not have any waves in floor around main drain though. Hopefully someone else can chime in about that.
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