New IG Vinyl pool owner, don't know if the installation was done correctly!


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They installed our Vinyl inground pool about a month ago and we just started using it. We went with the most reputable builder in our area since we are clueless about pools and wanted to make sure it's done properly, however, we are starting to wonder if the issues we are seeing are part of the vinyl pool norm or not. It's a 21 X 40 Mountain Pond, 3-6 feet, Ultraseam 27 mil, Vermiculite/ concrete pool bottom, Graphex polymer wall system, aluminum bullnose coping, with salt water. Here is a list of issues we have noticed the first week:

1- The floor has dips throughout the pool, some as large as a foot wide and as deep as probably 6 inches, although it's obviously hard to measure.
2- The wedge liner lock continues to come out and we have to push it back in.
3- Before, during and after the installation we expressed concerns about red clay soil and high water table in the area. They assured us that it's not an issue. We had underground water at 6 feet and they put in a pipe at 7 feet and pumped out the water until the installation was done. Now we only have a pipe to dewater. We have had lots of rain and noticed the soil is still wet two days later and water is still in the pipe. There is no pump. We do have french drains in the area but I'm honestly not sure how effective they are since our soil stays wet.
4- I noted sharp edges where pieces of vinyl meet throughout the pool. Is this normal? I'm afraid of the cleaner getting stuck.

The PB feels everything is normal and that he's done with the project. Maybe we are overreacting and came in with the wrong expectations but instead of enjoying the pool, I feel anxiety every time I step into the pool. I don't even know what questions to ask.

Thank you for your help!


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Jun 10, 2019
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If I where you, I would hire some kind of independent assessor, let them know your concerns and have them inspect and write you a report if there are any noticeable findings. IF there are, you should provide this report to your PB and let them know that you would take legal action if these are not corrected.


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Jun 28, 2019
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I was gonna make my own thread about vermiculite finish but ill just tag along in yours. I dont have the issues u do but still some uneven/rough spots that i wonder about


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Jul 10, 2015
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On my vinyl liner/vermiculite bottom I see dips here and there but nothing like 6 inches deep! Ours you can barely feel as you walk over them, I only notice because they're the first places dirt will collect.

Sorry I don't have that kind of liner lock so don't know if that's normal to be popping out like that. Same thing on the water table.

For the sharp edges, do you mean the seams? I notice when I run the skimmer net on my bottom that it will catch or bump on the seams. But there's nothing sharp there.


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Apr 10, 2009
When we moved into our home, our pool was in bad shape and had only a sand bottom and the pool was all 6.8' deep and there was no shallow end. So as part of the repairs, we asked for a shallow end and a vermiculite bottom.

We have not had the issues you have with the vermiculite. It is now 16 years later and we have one sink hole in the very corner of the pool near the ladder, not very big, that just appeared in the last month. We are getting a new liner in a week or two, and our PB is going to patch the vermiculite.

Are you saying your liner is coming out of the coping? It should not be doing that.

Since your pool is only a month old, I'd say now is the time to find out what your options are. Pools are expensive and it should be done right when built. If something is wrong, they should fix it. Read your contract very carefully. I also think Neto had a good idea, get an assessment done by a private assessor. Make sure to bring up everything and don't feel like you're overreacting. This is an investment and it should be done right. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you.


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Jun 16, 2019
Dips like yours kept me awake at night in the days leading up to my build. I signed about as many papers to build my pool as i did taking a mortgage for my house. One of those specifically was a disclaimer that the builder could do everything right and still have wrinkles and/or settled ground. It stated that they would do everything in their power to have it perfect but it was bassically a one shot deal if they did all they could. I ended up with what i swear is a footprint on the slope, although id never be able to prove it. The rest came out perfect so i let it go.

As far as the liner popping out, is it just the liner itself, or do you already have a seperate piece of plastic holding the edge of the liner in place. Mine has a track like edge that the liner pops into. A couple of years in it pulled out in a few spots (5 inches worth each spot) and i used the same wedge pieces that i had in my corners to hold it back in place.

Also we have a high water table here. It was a concern of mine as well before building because if they hit water it added $4000 to the build to pump it. Its happened to several friends of mine and they just pumped until the liner went in and the force of the pool water held back the ground water on the other side of the liner. I can attest that many years later i dont know of any issues for them. My builder also stressed that it wouldnt matter in the long run besides the cost of sinking 4 well points and pumping for a week. Your local soil configuration could be different from mine with different results but it appears you have nothing to worry about long term.