New IG - Salt System or leave only Chlorine?


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Jun 8, 2013
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10802320190624_110628.jpg We are closing in on day 28 - the day they said necessary for curing in order to install cleaner and saltwater system. We ordered and planned for the Intellichlor 40 SWG system, but now the contractor seems to want to talk us out of it. He claims we will not like it due to the flagstone we chose for the coping. Until now, all of my pool experience has been with various Intex AG pools, chlorinated and salt, and this site. I don't want to "mess up" anything with our new pool but I also want to do whats's going to be best for my pool and family. So the question is: Do I just leave it chlorinated, as is, and get money back? OR Do I insist they go ahead and convert it to the SWG System as we had planned? Pros/Cons and reasonings would be great!


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May 3, 2014
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Salinity levels in pools are not detrimental to quality stone. Low quality stone will degrade regardless of what water hits, be it from the pool or rain.

If you stay with liquid chlorine, your salinity in the pool will be 1000 ppm or higher by next swim season.

Up to you, the SWCG just adds your chlorine every day. Are you willing to add liquid chlorine every day?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I will never own another pool if it is not a saltwater pool... I love them...

Here is a story that I have shared before... I updated a rent house pool with new plaster, tile and flagstone coping like yours. At that time TFP was not even a glimmer in my eye, so it was a standard chlorine pool.. After a couple of years, you could see where thin layers of the coping were shedding off some of the flagstone. "Bad" stones and "Good" were right next to each other. I'd guess that about 40% of the stones had this shedding issue. A short while later, we upgrade to a saltwater system, which has been in place about 6 or 7 years now.. The "Good" stones are still good and the "Bad" stones are still bad. But, if anything the bad stones do not appear to be shedding as much as they once did..

The whole point of this story is to say that adding the salt system had zero effect on the flagstone erosion.

If I were building a new pool, and had to choose, between coping or saltwater, the saltwater would win every time, hands-down..


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