New IG pool, going with a SWG. Help on which one?


Feb 21, 2017
Crown Point, IN
Hey everyone, it is finally happening after months of planning, HOA approval and permits my pool install starts on Monday.
I live in Crown Point Indiana(USA) the pool will be open weather dependent every year but for 5 to 6 months maybe?

I do not have the exact models of what I will be getting but it is a Hayward system with a 1HP pump and a dual cartridge style filter. They are not supplying the SWG( they wanted 1600 for the hayward system) I am going to put one in myself which will not be a problem, I just need help deciding on one. :)

Pool size:
16x32 IG with 4 foot steps on the shallow end. 3 Foot deep tapering into 8 foot on the deep end so around 21.5k gallons.
If the sun is out it's on the pool, it will not be in the shade at all.
There is no heating system, I will use a solar cover and possibly a redneck heater system (100ft black pipe coiled on concrete trickling into the pool nice warm water :) )

I have been reading here alot and it seems warranties are the large selling point as I have seen people complain about a $3k system or a $300 system, and at the same time I have seen people praise both of them.

I have been looking at:

Cheap end: Hayward 3c system, will be about $350 including the cell. I know these are disposable with an average of a 1 year life. But at the same time I am only using these during swimming season. So 2 seasons hopefully from 1 cell. .96lbs of chlorine a day .
Mid range: In the Swim SWG 25k gallon system $530. 1.15lbs a day. Cell has a 3 year warranty.
Higher end: Circupool SJ-40 $658 1.7lbs a day. They say 5 years for the cell on this one with warranty.

I am leaning toward the circupool for the 5 year warranty, I know it doesn't have a digital read out and is fairly overly simplified but the 5 year cost would be $658 and is over sized for the pool which is a good thing.

Does anyone here disagree with this choice or have a better option for the price range. I originally was hoping for around 500 but after researching I am seeing that the extra 150 over my budget looks to be way worth it in the long term.

Also has anyone used the "in the swim" model, can't seem to find any info on them.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Am I making the correct choice? I have gone through the pool school with and without SWG's and see I should set up the pools chemistry before I start using the generator, maybe I missed something but do I set up that chemistry before or after I put in the correct salt amount?

Thanks again!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Our recommendation is that a SWCG should always be 2 x the size of your pool. So if your pool is 22K gallons you need something in the 40K gallon range as a minimum.

SWCG's have a little built-in "showmanship" in the numbers they are rated for... :p I say this because the ratings are assuming that you will run the SWCG at 100% output and for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a single speed pump that will be pretty expensive.

All the major brand SWCG's are about the same, when it comes to quality and life cycle. They all have good reviews and bad reviews. My personal opinion is that at least half of reported SWCG failures are really due to pool water chemistry management and have nothing to do with the SWCG being bad.

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Jim R.


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Oct 8, 2015
San Diego, Ca.
SWG's can be a great modern convenience until their not. Hayward and Pentair are very poplar where I am. Shop carefully the prices fluctuate wildly for the same system, usually below $900. Occasionally, Ebay has a lightly used system for a good discount (check frequently).
Money's always an issue but it's a new pool....don't let the SWG be the weak link. :paddle: