New house with pool needing modification


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Dec 5, 2019
Hi there, new house with small kidney pool on the beach in Asia :) Planning a rebuild with a spa and waterfall feature. 2 inch fittings throughout. Looking for advice on what Hayward(Good agent and service closeby) pump and filtration(DE?) might be recommended? Also any heads up on the problems of beach pool maintenance. Thanks in advance and happy i Found this forum!

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Welcome! :wave: With a relatively small pool, you can probably use a variety of Hayward pumps. Much of what you purchase may depend on specific details of your pool/spa and if you chose to automate. Can you tell the TFP audience the size (dimensions/gallons) of your pool and spa? You might also include the distance from the equipment pad to the pool, and note if there are any unusual elevation changes between the two.

Also tell us how you chlorinate. Do you plan to add chlorine manually, or will you be incorporating a salt water generator (SWG)? Do you plan to include automated features in your rebuild? Maybe just stay manual (on/off) or use a simple timer (i.e. Intermatic)?

Lastly, are you firm on a DE filter? Any particular reason why? Just so we know your rationale.