New house, new pool. Both old!


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May 12, 2008
Just moved and have a new pool to enjoy. Both house and pool renovated. Gulf Coast Florida. Guys put a lot of money in Pebble-tec, sun shelf, Pentair VS pump and Jandy SWG. But they didn't pay attention to some pretty serious details. Have made progress. One major task ahead, and need some help. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Fire the pool guy. Chem was way out of wack!
2. Clock not set on Pentair VS. Reset clock and set to default run times. Have adjusted down since then.
3. Jandy SWG always powered through timer with no trippers. Bought/installed trippers so it only gets power 8am-8pm when pump is on.
4. Diagnose plumbing. Only 1 diverter valve, that was in middle. One side gets full power to skimmer, the other gets full power to OPEN suction port on side of pool (another big safety hazard). Capped off the open suction port, and now the skimmer gets full power with diverter to one side, and cavitates with no flow to the other side.
5. Cheap after market skimmer basket with cracks/holes. This is key, because this is an old Pac Fab Skim Clean model. The main drain is plumbed from the bottom of skimmer. Stock basket is used to divert between skimmer function/main drain. Needs a tight fight. More info here: Please help me identify this old Skimmer! - Swimming Pool Help
6. Main drain? 2 holes in bottom of skimmer, one full of concrete. Had considered it was intentionally blocked off for some reason, but after discussing with others came to conclusion that it was just left over sloppy work from resurface. Took cover off main drain (full of debris and Calcium build up). Put drain king in and could feel cold water leaking into skimmer around concrete plug. Broke away the concrete blocking the pipe to main drain, then put skimmer basket back in, twist it to connect suction to main drain line.... and voila, all the concrete got sucked back to pump basket. Put leaf over by main drain, and watched it get sucked in!!!! Got my main drain back!!
7. Skimmer action sucks. (Half suction was originally going to open vac port on side of pool). Need to dial in pump speed and skimmer/main drain ratio to figure out minimum pump speed to keep skimmer working. But there's no weir door!!!!!???

To do:

1. Need weir door. Removed the remaining hinge from the old weir door. It's supposed to be mounted to the bottom of skimmer by placing the hinge over two studs/bolts and secured with 2 nuts. Problem is I only have 1 stud/bolt left. The other bolt is broken off, flush with bottom of skimmer. Option A is to replace it with one of the "universal" spring loaded doors that are supposed to stay in place like a shower curtain rod. Don't have a lot of confidence in that. Figure it will work itself loose and end up being a PITA. Option B would be to use the existing bolt on one side and an adhesive/epoxy to secure the other half of the hinge. But then I have to go through this process again in 5-7 years when the door breaks again. Option C is to replace the missing bolt. So the plan is to get water below skimmer level and somehow drill it out? Guess I would need some kind of angle drill and an easy out device. Do you think the stud/bolt is screwed into the skimmer? If it is, it might just start unscrewing. Or is it glued into the skimmer... in which case, I'd need to drill out enough of it to glue in a new stud/bolt. Just not sure about type of drill and or adhesive? Existing stud/bolt appear to be brass... which is somewhat soft and easy to drill, but will be hard to keep drill on center and not damage bottom of skimmer. Guy in the other thread used an Option D: he used self taping screws to the side of the existing studs, and drilled through bottom of skimmer!

2. Skimmer lid doesn't fit. Believe the ring on the skimmer got compressed when new decking was put in. Might get one of these Pentair Ring for Lid 513031 | Leslie's Pool Supplies How hard to remove the old one? Can I dremmel cut it and rip it out? Do you think it is glued to skimmer housing? Any risk of damage to skimmer? Once I do get it out.... how to secure the new ring in?

The journey is almost done. Can't wait to have great skimmer action! Any and all help/suggestions welcome!!!
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