New house came with pool, 0 experience!!


May 22, 2020
Gladwin, MI
OK -- so a SLAM Process is in order.
Add acid to lower your pH to 7.2. The TA seems high, did you follow the process to wipe the tip of the R0009 reagent between each drop?
Raise your FC to 12 ppm. Keep testing and adding chlorine several times per day. Be sure the CYA is dissolving.
Yes! I did wipe it off after every drop! Ok!! So we start the dlam process!! How much liquid chlorine should we add a day?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Depends on what the tests say. Once you have lowered the pH to 7.2, start the CYA dissolving, add liquid chlorine to get to 12 ppm FC. Every few hours, test FC, and add chlorine to get to 12 ppm FC. Brush Brush Brush.