New hot tub/spa supply form existing pool elecrrtic wiring


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Apr 4, 2016
South East USA

I've been offered a used hot tub in excellent condition. I plan to have have it moved professionally into a location about 50 ft from my existing pool pad.

Can I put some kind of junction box in from of my existing pool electric box to branch off electric wiring for the new hot tub?

Attached pic shows what I have right now.





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Jul 7, 2014
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Keep in mind the most Hot tub/spas, required about 50 or 60 amps... I suspect your current pool breaker panel is wired for a lot less.. I would check that out before making any plans..

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Jim R.


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May 31, 2018
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Probably not. Without seeing what you have in there it's hard to tell. But more than likely, given your setup is similar to mine, you have a 20 or 30 amp 2 pole breaker dedicated for the pump, and a single pole breaker or two for receptacles. Most newer standalone hot tubs require a 240 volt, 60 amp feed. That would be a 6 AWG wire. You would probably have a 10 AWG wire in there tops.

Your best option is to find a panel with 2 open spaces, get a 2 pole 60 amp breaker, run a dedicated circuit to the hot tub. It will need a GFCI disconnect within sight of the unit, that's important.

I highly doubt your existing pool equipment has the electrical capacity to run a load like that, but with more info we could figure it out. What size breakers feed it? How many? If you have pics inside the enclosure that would help a lot.


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Apr 29, 2016
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A lot more information is needed to give you an honest answer. As the others have said though it's not likely you can power a spa of your current pool power panel.