New hot tub,best way to level and set up

May 16, 2015
Kamiah Idaho
Just got my hot tub delivered today! I was so excited; then they said they could not place it where we want because it is not level enough and the tub would eventually crack. One store we asked they said they could put some planks under the tub and level it that way and it would work so I didn't think to ask this store when we finally chose. So now I am sitting here with an empty spa.

I will attemp to post a picture of the spot it is going. On the yard side of the crack on the cement it gradually sloped down till at the edge it is two inches lower than at the crack. What's the best way to deal with This? IMG_2288.jpg

Then since he tub was just built within the last two weeks do I really need to use the ahhsome?

This is a bull frog R-7L says water capacity 426 gallons.

Brian VT

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Nov 22, 2015
Yes on the Ahhsome.
You could take your chances by skipping it but if you start wondering why you can't keep your water balanced/sanitary then you'll know why.

As far as leveling...
- You could pour new level concrete over the existing.
- You could box in an area with pressure-treated lumber where the tub will sit and fill that box with gravel or small stone and screed/rake that level. That's what I have.
- You could put down some planks and shim them level. It would also make a nice place for varmints to nest under your warm tub.
There may be other solutions but that's all I've got right now.

The delivery guys did the right thing. Some might have "dumped and run".
May 16, 2015
Kamiah Idaho
Thank you my husband says he wants to go the concrete route (I was hoping for something faster��) So hopefully this weekend.

With using the Ahhsome I have to fill the tub all the way up, do I need to get it up to the right temperature or balance chemicals any? Or do I just fill, add the ahhsome, run for awhile and dump?