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Apr 22, 2019
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We are purchasing a house with what I would call basically an inground pool. It is roughly 15x32 oval and has a deep end. The pool is roughly 1-2 ft above grade at the rim with a deck around it. The liner was about 4 yrs old. The problem is the pool was never closed propertly and all the pipes froze and there was a low return which cracked the ball valve in the filter area and basically drained the pool sometime between this Jan-March. I was able to plug the line. The deep end still has water upto about 2’ below the shallow end. The pool has a staircase in the shallow end and the liner appears to have shrunk and seems too small for the pool on one side. I called the pool guy who installed the liner and he said the pool is beyond repair and would need a new liner. The liner is not ripped yet but he said if I try to refill it it will rip. Is there no way to save the liner ? We cannot afford a new liner so we would have to bulldoze it. I was wondering if we putnthe shop vacs behind it and flilled it a little each day and let it strech back out ? Or is it a lost cause?


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Apr 16, 2007
It is a lost cause. You can not save it with it being exposed to weather after holding water for who knows how long. The thing with these liner pools is this... once you drain them beyond a certain point, they shrink, become brittle and lose their elasticity. You can try to refill it but it will be a waste of time, effort and water. Not to mention that your busted pipes will need fixed too.


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May 4, 2010
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With the liner being 4 years old, unfortunately it does sound like a new liner will be a must. As liners age, they lose their flexibility and with out know how well the water was maintained prior to your purchase, it is most likely shot. Take a look around online for expandable liners. A liner replacement can be done with out hiring it out and doesn't take too long, saving you tons of money. You can most likely get a liner for around 400 dollars and it be expandable.
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