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Apr 10, 2018
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
This morning I passed my SLAM. My overnight chlorine loss test was 0.0 ppm, 0.0 CC and water is clear. These are my results, should I adjust anything right away? Pool math is telling me I am outside of ideal range in all of my tests. Also, is it ok to heat and cover with my solar cover? Thanks again for your input.

FC 10.5 ppm
CC 0.0 ppm
pH 7.4
TA 90
CH 275
CYA 30
TEMP 69° F
Great job on the SLAM. The test results look real good. Although your numbers may not individually be within "ideal" range, they work well together. Read up on "Calicum Saturation Index (CSI)." A higher CSI will have a tendency to cause scale to a plaster pool surface, while a lower number can cause erosion. The best way to adjust CSI on short term basis is through pH levels. An optimal CSI for a plaster pool is between -.30 and 0.0. Your right at -.30 now, so allowing to pH to drift up a bit (7.5-7.6) will keep you in a good range.

Make sure you add enough liquid chlorine each day to make up for dailt FC loss, which can range between 2-4 ppm per/day. Your daily loss may on the lower end of the range or less. Never allow your FC level to drop below the minimum for you CYA per the FC/CYA Chart

Best wishes!