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May 19, 2019
Hello everyone! I bought a house 8 years ago with an inground pool. It was a short sale and the previous owners said they haven’t opened it the last couple years because it was too expensive to maintain. Turns out it was an old wood wall pool with a liner, but all the wood was deteriorating and basically unable to be repaired.
After some research we decided to demo the old pool and get a fiberglass one dropped in. I have a close friend with a pool business who has been opening and closing it for me since we got the fiberglass pool installed, but some serious health issues arose last year and the last thing I want to do is have him worrying about my pool needs. (he lives an hour away) The pool is 11,500 gallons, I have a raypak heater, auto chlorinator and looking for tips and advice on maintenance and water chemistry. Thanks for having me!

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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi Mike_Phelps!
Is it really you? LOL .

Anyways, the first step is to get a reliable test kit. The TF100 is the preferred one, it will all you need to to and is designed for the homeowner in that it has more of the testing chemicals than the other kits found online. Its the best bang for the buck. There is a link to TFtestkits in my sig.

Within the ABC's of Pool Chemistry, are some quick references for the chemical levels at which you should maintain the pool. If you will follow those recommendations and test regularly, you'll have no problem at all. Use Pool Math while testing, at it will tell you how much of something to add, or not. PoolMath