New here - Corona made me do it


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Sep 26, 2020
Indianapolis, IN
After trying with multiple builders unsuccessfully here in Indiana to get a pool built before Fall of 2021, I've decided to DIY an 18x40 vinyl lined diving pool. I'll be GC and find subs for most of the work. I have quotes from Royal and Pool Warehouse so I'll probably go with one of those. Builders wanted $75K and I can buy my pool and all bells and whistles for under 30K. That leaves me $45K for concrete work and subs, which seems like more than enough for a modest deck.

Looking like a spring build now given 8 week permit wait, and shipping times.

Is this crazy?


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
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Is this crazy?
No, but... have you checked on subs? If all the PBs are booked solid that might follow that all their subs are too. And over a "one-timer," I'd think their loyalties and priorities would belong to the local PBs (who are their bread and butter). Not saying you can't or shouldn't do your pool yourself, just that you might have to adjust your timeline...