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Feb 24, 2020
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi, from South Australia where we get really hot days in Summer (has hit 46C or 115 Fahrenheit). I started the whole pool journey 6 years ago with a hydroxypure pool (hydrogen peroxide) - 36,000 litres (9510 gallons) - concrete in-ground with glass tiles. In theory, it seemed great but my experience was that algae would grow out of nowhere too many times and chemicals were way too expensive. I was paying for a pool guy from the pool shop that sold me the hydrogen peroxide pool who I found wasn't even turning up half the time despite me paying for it. Anyway, long story short I then recently converted to a trichlor tablet pool and although it has turned green once it was due to my neglect since then. I think the whole problem though is that I have never truly gotten rid of the algae even when converting to a chlorine system pool until now I think I am almost there.

I went to the pool shop last weekend and they sold me Algaecide, defloc, some tablets to put in the skimmer and liquid chlorine.

After visiting this site I realise that I don't need the algaecide, the defloc or the tablet but unfortunately I went ahead and used the defloc and the tablet before visiting this site and realising the error of my ways.
Anyway after visiting TFP I came across the SLAM instructions and went back to the pool shop to get a refund on the Algaecide which fortunately they honoured.

I have been slamming my pool for the last 3 days and have gone from CC of over 10 to yesterday 5.5 to today 1.5 with my FC levels starting to not come down as fast as what they were. Yesterday morning they dropped to 11.5 and today only to 15.5 with a CYA level of 43. One of the biggest problems we have had in Australia is not being able to get the pool testing kits that US patrons talk about on this site but I have come across a company in Queensland called clearchoicelabs which sells a kit which seems to have everything (link here) I need. However today I went back to the pool shop to get some more liquid chlorine to keep my slam levels at the right level and though I would get my pool water tested by them. CYA was at the level I tested but FC I tested at 15.5 - they tested at 11.9 and CC at 0. Again my testing showed 15.5 and 1.5 respectively.

I am going to err on the side of caution and assume I have a CC of 1.5 and keep my pool at a SLAM level required of 17 until my CC stays at 0.5 or below unless anyone here recommends otherwise.

Anyway looking forward to hopefully a trouble free pool moving forward.


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Jan 23, 2018
Canberra ACT
Welcome from Canberra,
There are a few Adelaide members now
Looks like your well and truly on the right track with your CCL test kit, when you have a chance can you post a full set of test results, round your CYA up to the next 0 value ie 43 -> 50
TRUST your CCL kit results.
You haven't passed all the SLAM criteria yet so keep going till you test your cc under 1 and pass an OCLT and the pool is clear :)
Not sure what your local pool store is charging for Liquid Chlorine but if you have a Bunnings close by check the pricing out on the 15l drums as a comparison
Oh and with a CYA value of 50 your slam FC level is 20.


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Dec 17, 2017
Adelaide | Australia
Hi from another Adelaide member....!

As Phil and Texas has mentioned - The CCL kit is the way to go - No more pool shop visits required... :)

A couple of tips on where to source some chemicals that you will require on an ongoing basis:

Bunnings for Hydrochloric Acid, Liquid Chlorine (12.5% strength), stabiliser (CYA) and calcium hardness increaser if ever reqd (calcium chloride).

I also use a small amount of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) for TA adjustment which you can buy for next to nothing at your local supermarket rather than paying silly exorbitant amounts at the pool store for exactly the same product disguised under different names.

Read up on 'pool school' on this site and get familiar with the pool math calculator (or the phone app) also found on the site.

Ask heaps of questions and you should be on your way to having crystal clear TFP water in your pool in no time at all.

Ps - Don't forget to add a signature listing all your equipment etc - Makes it easier for members to assist you with any problems that may crop up.
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