New heat pump arrived with possible transportation damage (Aust)

Youfah Mizzum

Sep 7, 2020
Sydney Australia
I've just taken delivery of a new Evoheat pool heat pump.
On the packaging box is a tiltwatch sticker which has turned red, indicating that the box has not been kept upright. One of these stickers: TiltWatch XTR | Tilt | SpotSee

I haven't unpacked it yet as I am hoping the vendor will accept responsibility and organise a swap with another unit, and/or organise a qualified & approved technician to come out and inspect the unit to ensure nothing has happened.

What is the actual likelyhood of some damage to the heat pump?


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Nov 12, 2017
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Sorry, I can't answer your question. How long ago was the delivery? It's unfortunate you didn't spot the sticker in time to reject delivery. Now they can say it happened after they left. Did you happen to point it out to the driver? I'd call them right away. The less you wait, the better. Let's hope the pump is OK.


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May 16, 2010
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Shouldn't be a problem if it was just laid down on its side. But if it was knocked over or dropped, who knows. Home heat pumps are pretty sturdy and can take quite a knocking!


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Aug 10, 2017
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I've had a few heaters come with the vial red and we had no issues. The raypak are bolted to the skid so unless dented box shows up were usually good.
Did the delivery guy point it out or did you notice it after?

Youfah Mizzum

Sep 7, 2020
Sydney Australia
Thanks for all your responses. Sorry for the delayed getting-back!
I had got in touch with the heat pump manufacturer and they basically said if there's no external damage to the exterior cardboard box then all should be OK. And I also double checked with another guy and they also confirmed the same thing.

I only noticed after delivery (in fact I wasn't home when the courier arrived). Happy to read your responses as it just provides further comfort.
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