New Hayward Aquatrol not running


Jun 14, 2015
Austin TX
This has been my summer for pool problems!!... replaced the motor as it quit working. Then the sand filter bust open, replaced that. Recently my SWG aquatrol stopped functioning properly... mainly the power switch did not work. And while salt cell looked fine, it was 7 years old, so I just decided to spring for a new SWG and salt cell.
So.... problem is that it no longer runs, 2 days after I installed it. But the events as they happened are as follows:
on Friday I replaced the salt cell and hung the Aquatrol, plugged everything in, seemed to work fine. Let it run for a bit. Then went to select the hours I wanted it to run (used the timer) and it kept running despite being in the off position. Tried turning all timer thingies (the part you push up or down to indicate off or on by the time) Nothing worked. I was able to turn the unit off by placing switch in off mode. Next AM (Sunday/yesterday) came and turned it on. Tried using timer, still not working. But I set the timer anyway. Pool running, I added some chemicals that were needed and left it alone rest of the day. It was on at night and I decided not to go turn it off, hoping that the timer would work and the pool would be off in the morning. This AM pool was off, "Great," I thought, "timer is now working!" But... now unit doesn't work at all... won't turn off or on. Nothing. Checked the breaker... it is on (I flipped it off and on just for good measure)
Now, just for background: the old one stopped working about 2 weeks ago, so I had to manage pool chemicals more closely, with my own strips and help from the pool store. Interestingly, it was the timer that stopped... all else seemed to be working fine, but I wasn't sure SGW was working properly... levels seemed to be all over the place, etc. Anyway, after posting here, thinking things through and reading, decided it was best just to start anew. Now this.
There is NOTHING that could be stopping both the old AND the new timers, right??? Would be quite a coincidence for the same problem to happen again! I mean, you just plug the thing in and voila! So what the heck is going on?? What am I missing??
Any thoughts or help are much appreciated. I will call Hayward tomorrow... but I have NOT had good luck actually talking to a service person in the past. And it would be great if I could keep from having to start all over with the pool balance... it all looks good today!
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Jul 21, 2013
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