New guy, couple questions


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May 28, 2012
Hi all,

Been gleaning info from this site for a couple weeks and am really learning and enjoying it so thanks much! This is our second summer in our home that came with a 24' above ground pool. Long story short: we are rural and live on a well, trucked in water was too expensive, when it got super hot in July we ended up with pea soup, got things mostly cleared up just in time for the cantar pump on our dirt devil cartridge filter to seize up, in our disgust with the situation we didn't close the pool before the leaves fell! Fast forward to last week: pull cover off, water is mostly clear, bottom is covered with dead algae, leaves, and who knows what. We purchased a Hayward ec40 DE filter/pump. We had scooped and attempted vacuum but the filter clogs up so easily so we called the pool guy in. He used a leaf rake for all of 25 minutes and got all of the leaves out and charged us $115 plus tip for our stupidity. We still have a lot of fluffy looking dead algae on the bottom which brings me to my questions. Also, we are going out for our own rake tomorrow, ordering a tf100, and taking a sample in for evaluation in the meantime.

First question: we still have the dirt devil filter, I was thinking of buying a Hayward pump and a new cartridge (total $210ish), and making it a dedicated vacuum setup. Reasoning is that the cartridge doesn't clog up near as easy and will have a spare pump handy if my number one ever goes down. Does this sound good/bad, any drawbacks or opinions?

Second: eyeballing it, it seems that I would just be able to swap them out on the base, only needing to swap the fittings on the output. Are the mounting bases fairly universal? If not is it easy to just drill some new holes and stick it up there anyway?

Thanks much in advance!