New game we made called "Ringus". What's your favorite pool games?


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Sep 3, 2021
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Repurposed an old voleyball net I had for the yard into pool volleyball, which quickly became moms favorite game. Used PVC to make the poles. With the net unclipped from the poles, we have a ring, about 12" diameter, that we made out of rope. You have to battle to get the ring on the other persons pole without leaving the pool. If you throw and miss, the other person gets the ring and each person starts in front of their pole. We played last weekend and I went against my 14 Year old son. 40 minutes later, I got the ring on his pole and was crowned the "kingus of the ringus". It's Friday now and I'm still in pain! It's my boys favorite game now. What's your favorite in pool games to play with the kids, or for the kids to play with each other?

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