New from Southern Maryland


Oct 2, 2019
Southern Maryland
Long time pool owner, about 34 years. However, I'm finding out that you always don't know what you don't know. I came across this site while researching re-plastering. Our pool is an Anthony built gunite pool about 700 sq ft. About 19 years ago, we had to re-plaster, due to many worn spots in plaster and gunite showing through. We did the whole renovation - tile, coping and re-plastering. Back then I contacted the local company that originally built the pool as an Anthony contractor to do the renovation. It looked great and was for many years. A year or so ago, tile starting falling off and a number of coping stones had cracked. So we decided rather than do a repair job, we'd put in new tile and coping. Wasn't planning on replastering as everybody that we had come to give us an estimate said our plaster was in fine shape. Boy, were they wrong. After water was drained, it became apparent re-plastering was necessary. In our 700 sq ft pool, we had about 450-500 sq ft of hollow spots. At first we thought we'd take a gamble and just re-fill. It was okay until we drained it, right? That is until the plaster caved in under the lightest load. Long story shory, we're re-plastering again. It seems that the company that did the first re-plaster used very little or a non-quality bonding agent. Eventually, we had delamination everywhere. Wasn't really aware of this phenomena. Know alot more about it now. Kudos to the webmasters and all who contribute!