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Sep 25, 2019
Winston-Salem, NC
I've had a pool available to swim in since I was 17 at my parent's house, I'm 61 now. My dad passed away and have had to put my dear mother in an assisted living facility and it's time to sell her house. So next summer I will be pooless(it's not a word but you know what I mean). I've always enjoyed treading water for 45-60 minutes a few times a week and my wife, kids and 4 yo granddaughter love the pool. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about getting an 18x36 inground saltwater pool. I've always heard the best brand of pool is called "your neighbor's", but my closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away and they don't have a pool.


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Jun 16, 2019
Welcome to the party 7 mile. Im sorry about your folks. Im right there with you so i feel you. Dads gone and mom is on her 5th stint in rehab at the nursing home right now. One of these times they will just keep her.

I love the "your neighbors" joke. Never heard it before and will use it in the future im sure. The same can probably be used for boats and kids. Enjoy all the fun and none of the mess. We have several immediate neighbors with pools and open invites to use the but it was still too much pack up everytime and go use. Might have as well been going to the beach with all the stuff we bought to not be imposing. Drinks, snacks, towels, sunscreen etc. So we got our own pool anyway. Run right out the backdoor and sometimes i dont even get changed after work. If its that bad of a heat day i'll jump in, uniform and all.

Anywho, you found a great spot. Really good articles and pool scool on the main page. I had to read them a couple of times with time inbetween to digest it all. Ask away with any questions and there is over 200k people with many contributors to help you out.