New Filter & Pump Suggestions Please


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Jul 22, 2017
Replacing my 48sq ft DE SS Filter & 1 HP (220v) Pump. In-ground, 27k gal, concrete/plaster pool, 35 yrs old. 1-1/2“ plumbing to 1” return lines (x2). Looking for reliable, quality VS Pump and DE Filter. Can I increase to 1.5 HP VS? Should I keep same size filter 48 sq ft or increase?
Any suggestions for quality pump & filter appreciated.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Pentair Intelliflo VSF 011056 pump or Hayward TriStar 2.7 VS pump.

A VS pump is a variable HP pump and a large HP VS pump will run most efficiently at whatever lower HP your pool needs.

Pentair FNS Plus DE filter

Get the largest filter so you have to clean it less.

Folks here will ask you why you want a DE filter and not a large cartridge filter?

You have no pool automation or plans for automation?
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