New filter came with cracked base


Jun 4, 2014
Landisville, PA
I unboxed my new upgraded filter yesterday - a Hayward Pro Series sand filter model S244S - and after setting in place realized the base is cracked top to bottom in one area. This this repairable somehow or do I need to get another? I was hoping an epoxy of some sort would work. Thanks.

Texas Splash

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Hi Lisa! :wave: I would contact the seller immediately and let them know. They should provide you with a replacement. The S244 vessel will be pressing-down with a lot of weight once full of sand/water. You don't want that thing tipping over because of a bad stand. The seller should make it right for you.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Old or New, we never recommend trying to repair a filter housing. It almost never works, and is not a safe thing to do..

In your case, you paid for a new and undamaged filter, so you should get one..


Jim R.